• Low cost, medium term loans

  • Cheaper than typical Payday advance loans

  • Simple fee structure

  • Nothing hidden – just the establishment fee and interest

  • Fast Cash up to $2000 can be in your bank account today

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What do we offer?

Handy Cash Loans

(Medium Term Unsecured Loans)
Cash loans up to $2000. Interest rate 49.5% per year. Establishment fee up to $150 per loan. Monthly Administration Fee $10.50. Payback term from 4 weeks to 12 weeks.

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Secured Short Term Loans

Cash loans up to $5,000. Interest rate 34.95% per year. Establishment fee up to $200 per loan. Monthly Administration Fee $10.50.
Payback term from minimum 3 months and up to maximum 3 years.

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Important Information

Borrowers should read this important information before applying for a cash loan – it explains how much loans will cost and many of your obligations.

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How to apply

Easy Application

You complete and submit the online application. It only takes a few minutes. Your income needs to be at least $450 per week and more than 90% of this from paid employment. We don’t lend to beneficiaries.


We send you an email asking for more information to help us verify your identity confirm your financial situation. You can use our online verification – it’s easy. We need to see your photo ID, proof of address and bank statements for the last 12 weeks.


We assess your application and if successful we send you a Credit Contact to review and sign electronically. We also send an email from Secured Signing to electronically sign a Direct Debit form.


Once we receive these signed documents we transfer the money to your bank account. It can be there within 60 minutes if you want it.
Sometimes it takes longer, depending on your bank or outside the weekday hours of 9:00 to 4:00
We direct debit the repayments.

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Examples of Handy Cash Loan amounts and repayments

These are approximate values only

Weekly Payments

Loan Amount 10 Weekly Repayments Total of Payments Interest & Fees included in payments
$400 $53.98 $539.70 $139.70
$500 $65.56 $655.52 $155.52
$600 $76.09 $760.81 $160.81
$700 $86.62 $866.11 $166.11
$800 $97.15 $971.42 $171.42

Fortnightly Payments

Loan Amount 5 Fortnightly Repayments Total of Payments Interest & Fees included in payments
$400 $107.42 $537.10 $137.10
$500 $130.47 $652.35 $152.35
$600 $151.43 $757.15 $157.15
$700 $172.39 $861.95 $161.95
$800 $193.94 $969.70 $169.70

Monthly Payments

Loan Amount 3 Monthly Repayments Total of Payments Interest & Fees included in payments
$400 $178.95 $536.84 $136.84
$500 $217.35 $652.05 $152.05
$600 $252.27 $756.81 $156.81
$700 $287.18 $861.52 $161.52
$800 $322.09 $966.26 $166.26

I want to know:

Handy Cash Loans New Zealand

When damage- or something else unexpected occurs at home, where are you going to find the extra money to fix the problem? Emergency loans are short terms loans which can help you through a financial calamity. The process of getting cash loans in NZ involves a lender who will provide you with a short-term unsecured loan.

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You’ve got a Chance

You need to do thorough research with these quick cash loans as they come with their own set of requirements according to the lender. When you get paid again, these cash loans can be repaid. The nice thing about a cash loan is that when money is needed in an emergency, the banks may have slammed their doors in your face, but you’ve still got a chance with a reputable registered financial service provider.

With them you can have your money in your bank account on the same day. Applying for cash loans is so convenient and easy when done on-line and nobody needs to know about where you got your money from. If you’re 18, you’re a permanent resident of New Zealand and you’re working and receiving a salary, you can apply for a cash loan.

Your Credit Score needn’t be a stumbling block

Getting a medium term loan approved quickly means you can attend to your emergency quickly. The maximum loan size is $2000 for a medium term cash loan. Yes, at Acorn Finance, credit worthiness counts, but they also understand the difficulties people face and try to work out solutions for all those who come knocking at their door. You needn’t think that bad credit has to deter you outright from applying for a loan – nothing ventured, nothing gained and anyone can take their chances with these loans. At Acorn Finance, most applicants successfully get a loan if they are in full time employment, get paid into their bank account and don’t have more than 2 other loans.

Lending Advice Video

Not sure if you should get a loan? Look at the videos called “It’s all good” from the NZ Commerce Commission which explain your rights.

It’s all good


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Phone: 0800 503 114

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Acorn Finance also has other websites and trading names, which are called
The Little Loan Shop and Cash Relief

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