Easy personal loans of between $500 and $5000 are Acorn Finance’s specialty. Applying for a loan on our website is quick, safe and simple even for a first-time borrower. All applications are acknowledged and processed promptly.

Repayments for your personal loan can be as low as $50 per week, depending on how much you’ve borrowed. The term of the loan can be anywhere between 3 and 24 months according to what suits you best. Interest is calculated daily and the interest rate is fixed for the term of the loan, so the quicker the loan is paid off the smaller the amount you will pay in interest and fees.

Applicants for an online personal loan with Acorn Finance must be New Zealand citizens over the age of 18 years and able to provide the following:

– Current photo ID such as Driver Licence or Passport

– The last 8 weeks of full bank statements

– Proof of address such as a utility bill, or bank statement

– Vehicle Registration number and proof of insurance if applying for a secured loan

A minimum after-tax income of $450 per week is required and credit checks are done on all first-time borrowers.

Applications can also be made by downloading and completing the Acorn Finance Loan Application form then emailing or faxing it to us along with the required supporting documents. The friendly Acorn Finance team respond quickly to phone calls and emails, and are more than happy to help borrowers who have questions or concerns regarding their online personal loan application.

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