Have you ever heard of a catch-22 situation? It’s when you’re stuck in a continuous loop, and you can’t find a way out. It happens to people all the time if they have cash flow problems. They need a small loan to pay off some bills, but they can’t get one because they have a bad credit rating. How, though, can you get a better credit score if no one is prepared to lend you money in the first place? You can probably see the problem.

What you need is a way to break the loop and give yourself a leg-up onto the first rung of a ladder towards a better credit rating. Perhaps the best way to do this is to seek loans that don’t rely purely on a credit check. In New Zealand there is a company called Acorn Finance that has been doing just that in New Zealand since 2004. Break the payday loan cycle.

Is it Possible to Get No Credit Check Loans in NZ?

Yes of course. Not just in your local city, but all over New Zealand, you can find reputable firms who can offer you a short to medium term loan that doesn’t exclusively depend on your credit check result. In fact, it’s not even necessary to contact your employer either, meaning you can deal with your financial crisis in private without the need to alert anyone else.

If you can’t get a loan from your bank, and just need a small loan to tide you over, a 12- to 26-week loan might be just what you’re seeking. You can pay off some outstanding bills, a credit card or two, or perhaps consolidate some other loans that have much higher interest rates to bring your monthly outgoings down to a level that’s more manageable. You’d be surprised how many people are in the same situation as you, and how typical loans for people with bad credit in New Zealand is. The world is a tough place after all.

So, What’s the First Step to Securing a No Credit Loan?

You don’t necessarily need to speak to anyone in person. You can arrange your loan entirely online. At Acorn Finance, our website will lead you through all the necessary questions, and we’ll be able to tell you immediately how much we can lend you and whether you’re accepted. The process is entirely paperless too, so there’s no messy scanning or faxing. Within an hour, we can wire the money directly to your bank, and you can begin to get your credit score back in shape.

You’re probably wondering at this stage just how much cash you can borrow? Typically, at Acorn Finance, we offer handy little loans of up to $1,000, which are usually perfect for people to get their credit scores back on track. With low interest rates, these loans are easy to pay back and gives you access to a useful amount of instant cash. You can take out these loans with Acorn Finance even if you have a poor credit score, or you’re operating on a small income. Do you work freelance, and your income isn’t a regular amount each month? This situation isn’t uncommon in New Zealand, so it’s entirely possible to secure a low interest short-term loan if you know where to look. Chat to us at Acorn Finance today or apply online.