If for any reason you miss a payment, ring us immediately so we can arrange a solution that works and you can manage. If you continue to miss payments and fail to make arrangements, you will be liable for default interest and default fees. Each time we attempt to contact you about missed payments by phone, text, email or post you may charge a default fee.

  • Dishonour Payment or Default Fee $10.00
  • Repossession Warning Notice (if applicable) $10
  • Repossession Fees (if needed) – the actual costs charged by the repossession agent
  • If we use Ezidebit to process direct debit payments from your bank account, they will charge you $14.95 for every dishonoured payment

If your loan continues to be in default and you don’t make a payment arrangement with us we will initiate debt collection proceedings. If applicable, this will include repossession of any security listed on the contract. This means we can repossess the security and sell it to cover any outstanding balance. Then we will suspend the interest and pass your account to a debt collector.