Sometimes, life just happens.

From medical expenses to unexpected car repairs to layoffs from your job that leave you struggling to make ends meet, there are so many situations where you can find yourself in tough financial straits through no real fault of your own. These financial troubles present a dilemma: either compromise your credit rating to pay your bills and expenses or look for ways to trim your spending down to zero. Often, the latter choice isn’t even a realistic option, which means you may have to hurt your credit score just to get back on your feet.

Another option to help you out of a tough financial place is a loan. Unfortunately, most loans from banks depend heavily on credit checks, and if your credit isn’t in the best shape, then your loan chances might not be so good either. Luckily, if you are looking for a place that offers no credit check loans in NZ, some lenders will be more willing to help you despite poor credit rating.

Acorn Finance: Assessing Your Loan Application Based on Its Merits

At Acorn Finance, we understand that, sometimes, a bad credit score is just unavoidable. We also understand that many of our clients are coming to us looking for loans for bad credit in NZ, after having been denied loans by other, bigger lenders. These kinds of denials are common, even if your credit can’t reasonably be described as ‘bad.’ Banks reject loan applications all the time for a myriad of reasons, ranging from poor credit score to lower or irregular income to a lack of assets to put up as collateral.

In other words, you shouldn’t feel bad if your loan application is rejected by a major bank, nor should you give up on pursuing a loan if that’s what makes sense for your current financial situation. Instead, come to Acorn Finance. While we don’t offer loans with no credit checks in NZ—we do look at credit scores when considering applications—we don’t emphasise it nearly as much as most lenders.

On the contrary, credit score is only one of the many things we consider. Instead, we review the merits of the loan application, and we look for regular income deposits into a bank account. If you have a dependable source of income and enough money to afford repayments, we will likely approve your loan application—even if your recent credit history is spotty.


Don’t Give up the Search for Loans for Bad Credit in NZ

It’s unlikely that you are going to find no credit check loans in NZ. Lenders are businesses that are trying to make the best decisions and investments for their bottom lines. Completely ignoring a prospective client’s credit does not fit into this due diligence. However, at Acorn Finance, we will consider your whole financial situation, not putting more weight on credit score than it deserves. Contrary to what some lenders might have you believe; a bad credit score is not a sign of financial irresponsibility. Rather, it’s often an indicator of bad luck or bad timing. As we said earlier, sometimes, life just happens. It’s important to have a lender you can trust when things go sour.

Have you been looking for someone that offers loans with no credit check in NZ? Call Acorn Finance for a less credit-focused loan experience. You can reach us on 09 419 8984.

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