The great thing about payday loans is you can quickly get a small amount of cash deposited in your bank account. They are designed to be paid back on you next payday or within a few weeks. However this means the amount to be repaid can take a big chunk out of you next pay. And the interest rates are generally higher making the cost of borrowing more expensive. Because payday loans are short term, they are over quickly and not hanging around for months.

On the other hand Medium Term Cash Loans can be paid back over a longer term and have a lower interest rate. This means the repayment amounts each payday are lower making the loan more affordable. Because the interest rate is lower, the total paid back is less – meaning you save money compared to payday loans.

Have a look at some examples of Medium Term Cash Loans You can decide if this is a good option for you. We believe you will quickly see that a handy little loan from Acorn Finance is cheaper than most payday loans or fast cash loans from payday lenders.

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