Owning a home means having to deal with things not working and breaking down, and this usually occurs at the worst possible time like a week before payday. You are put in a tough situation here. Do you leave the problem until you get paid or do you seek out an Auckland fast cash loans to fix it before it worsens? Alternately, should you try to fix it yourself? If you are currently dealing with an electrical problem in your home, read this blog before you apply for a loan.

Before You DIY

DIY work is something that appeals to most people, as it can save money and also gives you a sense of satisfaction that cannot be beaten. Thanks to the internet we have access to detailed information on every possible DIY job under the sun. Before you decide to try to fix an electrical problem, you need to be aware that certain work is prohibited by the law due to its complexity and risk. If you are thinking of conducting the following, you are in the clear:

  • Removing or replacing a light socket, switch, fuse link or thermostat
  • Connecting, disconnecting or replacing a fixed wired appliance
  • Extending or altering a non-major cable
  • Repairing or replacing existing power outlets

NZ law currently prohibits anyone but a licensed and registered electrician from undertaken any other electrical work that is not listed above. Attempting any prohibited electrical work might save you money, but it is incredibly risky. It can make the problem worse, cause a fire, damage your appliances or render your home insurance void. You will also risk a hefty fine or legal complications, which could set your finances back even further. If your electrical work involves an appliance that is still under warranty, any work you attempt could render it useless.

When To Apply For A Loan

When experiencing an electrical problem in your home, ask yourself if it is legal to attempt a repair yourself and if you can wait until your next payday to fix it. A broken washing machine is a pain, but not something requiring urgent repair. However, a broken heating system in the middle of winter will require immediate attention. Simply contact Acorn Finance for an Auckland fast cash loan, so you can pay an expert to repair the problem for good.