Acorn Finance is a helpful and trustworthy finance company offering fast friendly support to those in need of a cash loan. A loan between $1000 and $5000 will require collateral that will be used as security on the loan. Collateral is one or more possessions belonging to the borrower that will be used as a guarantee the loan will be repaid. A motor vehicle is the most common type of collateral accepted by Acorn Finance.

Secured loans with Acorn Finance are used in many ways. It might be for a bigger than usual family expense, such as a wedding or a funeral, unexpected bills, or that once-in-a-lifetime family holiday. An Acorn Finance secured loan can also be used to purchase the vehicle that will be used as collateral.

Borrowers must understand that whatever they have agreed to use as collateral on a loan effectively belongs to the lender for the duration of their loan. If the situation arises that there is ongoing failure to meet repayment commitments, the collateral will be taken from the borrower and sold to pay off the loan. Having a secured loan also means that the borrower must not dispose of or sell the collateral before the loan has been repaid in full.

Acorn Finance is committed to being a responsible lender. We do our best to make sure borrowers understand all of their rights and obligations before a loan contract is signed. We also explain the options available if a borrower starts to have difficulty repaying the loan and the full consequences of defaulting on payments.

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