At first, taking out a pay day loan seemed like a good idea. You needed a few extra dollars to pay off some bills and fix the car, and you needed to do that before your next pay cheque arrived. What you didn’t realise was that paying off that loan would be harder than you thought, and the loan you took out turned out to have a very high interest rate.

You exacerbated the problem by taking out yet another pay day loan to pay the repayments on the first one. Okay, so it was a silly idea. Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul was never a viable thing to do, but now you’ve ended up in a predicament.

One option open to you is to take out a short- or medium-term loan with a reputable company that offers better interest rates. You can pay off all your “high-interest” loans in one swoop, and just pay a single, more manageable, monthly payment instead.

Seek a Cash Advance Online in NZ with Acorn Finance

It’s easy to compare interest rates between lenders, so it should be a simple matter to find a cash advance in NZ to consolidate your toxic loans into a much healthier one. At Acorn Finance, we have helped thousands of New Zealanders to do just that, and as a result, they have managed to pay less per month and get their finances back on track.

So, now that you know what to do, what are the prerequisites for taking out a medium-term loan? Well, first, at Acorn Finance we will always assess your current situation with you before deciding on whether to lend money. We’re a responsible lender, and that means making sure any loan we give is right for our customers. Don’t worry, if you have a relatively poor credit rating, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a loan. We’ll look at everything on merit.

Upon approval, the money can be in your bank account within a few hours, so you can go straight to your other lenders and pay them off. The moment you stop paying high interest rates the better. With repayments spread over 12 to 26 weeks, you’ll find the payments manageable, and you’ll know just what your financial obligation will be from week to week.

How Much Can I Borrow?

How long is a piece of string? It’s a tough question to answer because everyone’s finances are unique, however, at Acorn Finance we can offer secured loans up to $5,000. However, most people prefer to take out a smaller amount up to $1,000 that don’t need any form of security. These unsecured handy little cash advance loans in New Zealand with a low interest rate are just right for paying off other loans that are costing you a fortune to maintain.

Worried about your employer finding out? Don’t be. At Acorn, we don’t need to contact your employer, so the entire lending process is discreet, and you’ll be back on your feet in no time.