Have you been looking for a lender that offers loans with no credit check in New Zealand?

If so, you might be disappointed. For better or worse, credit scores are one of the key metrics that lenders can use to assess a prospective client’s ability to repay a loan. Obviously, lenders can’t give loans to just anyone. Banks and lending organisations are businesses out to make a profit, which means they aren’t going to take risks on people who are highly unlikely to repay their loans.

Indeed, the problem in the lending community isn’t that lenders use credit scores when considering loan applications. Rather, the problem is that lenders put too much stock in credit history when they should be considering other factors as well.

In other words, if you are looking for loans for bad credit in New Zealand, your best bet isn’t to search for the needle in the haystack (the elusive no credit check loan provider). What you need to do is find a lender that assesses loan applications on other merits as well.

Finding Loans for Bad Credit in New Zealand

The definition of ‘bad credit’ is somewhat in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes, it’s hard to get a loan from a bank if your credit is less than perfect—even if you have a pretty good history of paying your bills and making ends meet. Risk-averse lenders will often avoid clients with even average credit scores. Unfortunately, since people with lower credit scores are often the ones in need of loan assistance, this practice creates a landscape where those people have minimal options.

If you’ve tried the banks unsuccessfully and are looking for a lender that places a little less weight on credit scores, look no further than Acorn Finance. While we don’t offer no credit check loans in New Zealand—we do look at the credit histories for all our loan applicants—what we care about most are income and financial standing. If you get paid regularly and have the financial profile necessary to cover the modest repayment rates on our loans, you’ll be approved.

Most the loans we offer are short-term ‘payday’ loans (under $1,000 and unsecured), which means you don’t have to put up collateral or tell us about your plans for the money. The entire process is easy and painless, and our low interest rates and reasonable loan fees make it that much more customer friendly. See the loan application process

getting a loan with less than perfect credit

Get Privacy with Your Loan Application

One of the things we value most at Acorn Finance is customer privacy. We know that asking for a loan can be an uncomfortable experience, and we want to make it easier. If you don’t want to be seen discussing loan options in public, that’s fine; skip the visit to our office and apply online. Furthermore, if you don’t want your employer to know you’re looking for a loan, Acorn Finance is the place to be. While we use income as the basis for most loan approvals, we think that calling a prospective client’s employer to confirm salaries or wages is an unnecessary step. On the contrary, all we need to see is money going into a bank account on a regular basis.

Acorn Finance may not offer loans with no credit checks to New Zealand customers. However, we do offer easy, quick loans that preserve your privacy and help you avoid a lot of the credit-related rejections you’d get at a bank. If you are interested in learning more, give us a call on 09 419 8984.

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