If you have bad credit, you may have thought that getting a loan was out of the question. However, even those with a less-than-stellar credit history have options when it comes to borrowing money as long as they are careful to avoid scams or high-interest rate traps such as many lenders who offer so-called loans with no credit check in New Zealand. It just helps to know where to turn. When you contact Acorn Finance, we can advise you on your current situation and consider your entire financial profile, not just your credit score.

Be Aware of ‘No Credit Check Loans’ in NZ

To get the best loans for bad credit in NZ, you must find a lender who offers transparent fees and rates, and who is ideally flexible on their terms. However, you should also be wary of potentially predatory operations billing themselves as offering loans with no credit checks. There is a reason the term ‘loan shark’ exists, and it very often applies in these situations. These lenders may hit you with high interest rates or offer only secured loans which require you to put up your assets as collateral. Be especially cautious of any lender who will not present up front terms and costs, and who promises they can approve you instantly without conducting any prior checks.

While it is true that many banks are hesitant to provide traditional loans to those with a poor credit history, there are ways to potentially get around this hurdle without getting stuck with a bad loan. You simply need to find a registered lender willing to work with you and consider you as more than a credit score.

What to Do If You Need a Loan with Bad Credit

Even though many people look to their banks as their first option when they need a loan, in many cases a bank will not allow you to borrow cash if you have a bad credit score, or they may only be willing to provide one with very steep interest rates. However, if you have been turned away from your bank due to your credit history or you cannot afford the rates they are offering, you do not need to give up hope or turn to potentially dubious lenders claiming to provide loans with no credit check in New Zealand.

At Acorn Finance, we consider far more than simply your credit score. We will consider all aspects of your financial history, including your income and ability to repay. We will never contact your employer, and most individuals with full-time employment should qualify.

When you apply online for one of our Handy Little Loans of up to $1000, you will be presented with upfront terms and crystal-clear fees and rates with no hidden strings or fees attached. Should you have any questions regarding your application or your loan, our friendly and helpful staff are happy to assist as well.

Stop falling into the trap of having to pay off exorbitant interest rate fees with no credit check loans from other New Zealand lenders and start getting the money you need right away at fair rates and flexible terms with Acorn Finance.