The payday loan industry in New Zealand has grown up over the past few years. Many of the more questionable practices by some of the less reputable lenders have been put aside, and new government regulations enacted in 2020 have been established that offers greater protection to borrowers. Our company, Acorn Finance, thinks these are good moves. People will always need cash loans in Auckland and throughout New Zealand. Knowing the ins and outs of these loans is key, and good payday lenders offer ample important information so that anyone who borrows money is aware of their rights and obligations.

We offer our “Handy Little Loan” of up to $1000 for an unsecured loan and as much as $5000 for secured loans. Most importantly we provide these loans over longer periods that give our borrowers a chance to repay them on a much more reasonable timetable. We want them to have the flexibility and the confidence to know that they will be not be asked to repay any instant cash loans in Auckland in a ridiculously short time frames.

Access to fast cash loans in NZ

People need access to fast cash loans for a variety of reasons. Unexpected bill payments can appear out of nowhere. Your children have larger than anticipated education fees. You’re a little short on your car loan payment this month. Funeral expenses that you weren’t counting on and the debts that a loved one compiled may transfer to you as well. Cash loans are often a good way to consolidate your debt into one payment. The many customers we have worked with over the years had any number of reasons why they needed an instant cash loan in Auckland or New Zealand.

Whatever need you might have we’re happy to talk to you about it. It might only be $400 or as much as a $1000. The key factor is your ability to have access to that money as quickly as possible. Speed is a major element in these situations.

Offering speed and confidentiality

You can apply on our site for instant cash loans in New Zealand, and once that loan is approved, often on the same day, the money will be in your bank account in around an hour. Everything is done online. Our application form is simple and straightforward. We don’t contact your employer. There are no hidden fees, and our interest rate is very competitive. Most importantly we offer repayment terms from 3 to 6 months for an unsecured $1000 loan and up to three years for a secured $5000 loan.

Sometimes unfortunate things happen to people, and they find themselves with a bad credit score. This does not necessarily disqualify you from a loan. We will consider your application despite your history. We look for regular income into a bank account and enough money to pay your bills.

We want to be a lender that you can trust. One that is upfront in ways that are important to you as a borrower. We want you to think of us as a lender you can turn to repeatedly when needed.