Frantically searching for “small cash loans NZ” right now? It is quite likely, you aren’t the only one, with the coming school year upon us. Many of us find ourselves struggling to manage our finances and cover all the bills that keep popping up. With stationary, after-school activity fees and uniforms making the tops of our lists – it can be quite overwhelming situation. Looking back at the previous year, many can recall all their impulsive buys and their less than economical shopping decisions, which can be a frustrating reflection. And the constant splurging in addition to purchasing the necessary items may have finances for 2020 looking quite grim.

One effective way to shop in the future is to consider the need to buy “new”. Most of us have this misconception that second-hand usually is associated with poor quality, but this is not necessarily the case with every item. In fact, not only are used goods less expensive, but they are also a more sustainable option for the planet. Before discrediting buying used, think about the cost-savings you can benefit from and how much of a difference each dollar can make in the future.

Here are some of our top items to buy second-hand. 

Buying Books

For the avid reader, they may not be willing to consider buying second-hand books if they are in poor condition. However, many used book stores only stock high-quality books that are available for much cheaper than purchasing new. Although these aren’t big-ticket items that many of us splurge on, they can make a significant difference to those who frequently make book purchases.

Buying Furniture

Second-hand furniture that is in good condition at a fraction of the cost can seem too good to be true. However, there are many reputable resellers today who allow customers to inspect the goods before making a decision, and this can result in tremendous savings for the average homeowner. Not only does used furniture have a certain appeal of being “lived in”, but unique pieces can also transform your home instantly for much cheaper.

Buying For Baby 

Expanding families can find themselves in a tight spot with the spiralling costs of having a new-born in a few months. Between medical bills, baby furniture and clothes, budgets may go out the window and that can leave expectant parents spending recklessly. However, babies grow quite quickly, and instead of purchasing everything brand new, second-hand clothing may be the smarter choice.

Comparing prices, buying in bulk and sticking to a stringent grocery list monthly, are excellent solutions to start in addition to buying second-hand. But sometimes the unexpected happens and you find yourself in need of small cash loans in NZ urgently, and that’s okay. At Acorn Finance, we can help with competitive rates and affordable repayment terms – give us a call today to find out how we can help you.