Let’s look realistically at why people sometimes need a cash advance in New Zealand. You can find yourself in financial stress for various legitimate reasons. At Acorn Finance, we can offer you a quick cash advance online in New Zealand.

So why should you choose us when there are so many payday lenders online in New Zealand? We are a New Zealand owned and operated business and we are not new kids on the block. We’ve been making cash advance loans in New Zealand available since 2004. Our interest rates are among the lowest of any short-term lender in New Zealand. We want you to look at other lenders and then view our online examples – we are completely transparent about how much you will pay over the life of your loan – and you’ll see why we are your best choice.

Since the terms of our loans are three to six months for our “Handy Little Loans” your loan repayment is lower when spread out over a longer period. This means that you won’t be scrambling to pay back a loan within some ridiculously short period.

Many reasons why people need a cash advance in New Zealand

The reason people need short-term loans comprises a long list. You have serious car troubles. Your house needs some emergency repair – maybe the plumbing goes on the fritz, or the living room window shattered in a mishap. An emergency family situation means you need to travel as quickly as possible. A loved one dies, and their debts past to you which you need to deal with right away.

Sometimes you need cash advance loans in New Zealand to help manage other financial concerns such as a mortgage payment or consolidating debt. It doesn’t matter why. It’s a situation that anyone can face and sometimes asking for help from friends or family is either too embarrassing or just not possible.

We can help you. We think that it’s important you understand your rights and obligations as a borrower. Our website answers any question you might have, and we encourage you to read all the information we provide.

Cash advances to help with your financial emergency

Speed. It’s probably the primary concern of people who need cash advance loans in New Zealand. Speed is one of our strengths as a lender. We can get up to $1000 in an unsecured loan in your bank account within 60 minutes after the loan is approved. Our loan process is amicable. We don’t contact your employer. You can do the entire thing online. There’s no need to fax or scan anything. We also offer secured loans of up to $5000 with an extremely competitive interest rate and repayment term of anywhere between three months to three years.

Even if your credit is bad, we can still consider you for a loan if you meet certain simple conditions. Once you repay your first loan, you can borrow multiple times again without the need to complete a new application. Our goal is to provide you with the short-term help you need in a quick and friendly manner.