Searching for “payday loans NZ” at the beginning of the new year is understandable and frustrating for many, coupled with trying to calculate how much you spent over the last few weeks can be frightening. The passing of the festive season, the addition of school holidays and summer can lead to overspending and exhausting one’s credit cards. It is a very real and relatable financial situation to be in, and most of us have experienced it from time to time. And though we commit to clever budgeting and saying “No” more often to avoid this happening again, it can be more difficult to do so than expected.

The stress of not having enough funds to make it to the next payday can be taxing, emotionally and mentally on oneself. And so, we have compiled a helpful guide to implement to make better financial decisions this year.

Go Green 

This initiative is environmentally friendly too, as it saves money sustainably. By decreasing spend on bottled water and regular store-bought coffee, you may notice small savings on a week-to-week basis. Additionally, taking your refill bottle or cup along with you regularly is an additional advantage as it is waste-free as opposed to the plastic bottles and paper cups that have to be thrown away after use.

Choose Family Plans 

Subscription services can become more costly than one may realise over time, especially if every member of the family has their own plan. Try to combine plans or take out family plans for cell phones and internet packages instead. You will notice the difference in price immediately and can even start a rainy-day fund from the savings.

Shop Well 

Each year, many of us are often reminded of the staggering amount of food wasted, and it has a significant impact on our finances too. Plan to cook more but include eating out occasionally for positive reinforcement. Shop for groceries and products as required, instead of purchasing in bulk only to throw it away due to expiry dates.

At Acorn Finance, we aim to provide our customers with financial support, when they need it the most. Although we do not pass judgement on the balance of one’s bank account, we do want our customers to achieve a better financial position in time to come. In the effort to make smarter financial moves in 2020, Acorn Finance can assist with a helping hand in the form of payday loans in NZ – apply online today.